Old Blue Eyes

Male Half-Elf Bard – Storyteller

Old Blue Eyes looks like an old man, grey beard, wrinkles but he happens to be surprisingly light on his feet. This is because Old Blue Eyes is actually quite young but he has a disguise on to make him look old. His real name is Kit Dram, he was sent here by a nearby kingdom to investigate the strange fog that has appeared in the nearby forest. But he no longer remembers this due to the Amnesia Mists. The DC to pierce his disguise is 30.

Old Blue Eyes has died quite a few times in the dungeon but remains possibly the friendliest of the parties sent in to investigate. He is likely to avoid the party at first but his camps are quite easily spotted and his journals could prove invaluable in solving some of the dungeons puzzles and monsters.

Old Blue Eyes has quite a few lives remaining. This is best used to kill him off a few times in aiding the PCs.

(Try to come up with a few journal entries for each monster to help in the manner.)

Old Blue Eyes

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