The Flooded Maze

L1: The statues here are of a father mother and their son. The son his building a sand castle on the shore of the lake, the mother overlooks him with a worried smile. The father looks on sternly.

There is a tunnel of water splashing down here in a giant waterfall. (If the Time Puzzle is currently moving backwards the waterfall instead flows upwards (giving an opportunity to use it like an elevator..)

The statue of the father’s head swivels back and forth to follow the first person to cross his vision, this is nothing more than a mechanical contraption built into the statue, along with a few paltry magical enchantments. It’s mostly here to take attention away from the mother.

Insanity 5: Any PC to pass through the area at insanity 5, provokes the rage of the mother statue, she tries to grapple and drag PCs into the water and drown them. If they repel the grappling well enough it is enough to try and knock them out first.

L2: This area is carved out, with supplies such as lumber and food, a few scraps of armor and knives. This si where the BARD has been keeping himself, though he often travels and has several camps throughout the dungeon.

L3: There is a castle underwater here.


L5: These narrow tunnels contain bodies floating upward and attached by chains to the floor. These are in fact zombies whom try to grapple and bite anyone who passes by.

Treasure: A few

The Flooded Maze

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