Uberto Grimsbane

Human Cleric of logic and harvest.

Uberto was sent here with Old Blue Eyes, but after several deaths in the party and his own death several deaths from starvation Uberto found a solution one night to the problem. He decided to started eating his old bodies, then his friends bodies. Eventually he decided he needed a more consistent system and while Old Blue Eyes was out exploring one night Uberto strung up the rest of the party, he spends every night healing them of their wounds after cutting off meat from their bodies. This way he doesn’t lose track of his food source and it can be ever lasting.

Uberto doesn’t attack or even threaten the party at all should they encounter him. He even offers to trade them some of his meat for weapons or other resources. He might even seem friendly, but he becomes suspicious and agitate if anyone should get close to his cold-room, where his old strung up party members are kept. Should anyone force their way in his alarm spells trigger and he immediately finds his way to his refrigerator and attacks.

A note on cannibalism: regularly consuming meat from other PC races can be quite beneficial. Upon the 2nd or 3rd day consuming them the PC gains +4 STR and his vision improves by one step (normal —>low-light—>darkvision). A PC can gain this even without knowledge of what they are consuming. However if they should ever learn, they must make an immediate DC 20 will save or gain a level of insanity.

Cannibalism should be treated like a drug, after a few days of eating it, they need to consume at least one meal a day to maintain the benefits, otherwise not only are they lost but the benefits are reversed (-4 STR vision worsens).

He has a few lives remaining and if killed by the PCs he will hunt them down to restore his freezer of food.

Uberto Grimsbane

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